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Whether you have a happy occasion like a wedding coming up or a sad one like a funeral, you can trust Surrey Lifestyle Management to make the event a memorable one. We have been in the field of offering events management in Cobham for a long time, and have organised innumerable events to perfection. It is no short ask to gain the trust and reputation from people without being good enough for it, and our renown in the industry has brought us this far and no doubt will take us further.

Ably led by our founder Rachel Collings, who has been in the industry for over 25 years, we have moved forward in leaps and bounds in our particular area of expertise. You can rely on us to deliver a perfectly organised event with your eyes closed.

Here at Surrey Lifestyle Management & Concierge Service, provides best Events Management Cobham. We undertake the following Events Management services for our clients throughout the Surrey areas.

Events Management & Party Planning

  • We organize events and parties
  • ​Sourcing top class entertainment
  • Flower arrangement
  • Creating the theme of your choice including the decoration of the venue
  • Designing invitations with our in house design team
Events Management

Here is a look at the services we provide under the umbrella of events management:

  • Guaranteeing Entertainment – If you have hired us to organise a happy event, you can expect one that has got all the elements to ensure that the entertainment will be top-notch. Whether it is the matter of getting the most modern entertainment platforms or hiring the most well-known celebrities if you so require, we guarantee it all.
  • Comfortable Seating Arrangement – Another thing that you can bet on is that there will be nobody cramming for room within the space if we are in charge of organising the event. We are experts at optimising the space available to us for the event and make sure that the seating arrangement is such that everyone gets a seat, and even if someone decides to stand, there is ample room for that.
  • Themed Events – One thing that has taken over the United Kingdom is that most events are organised with a theme in mind. We excel at coming up with themes for parties if you want it that way, and the decorations are done as per the theme, as are the attires. These themes are what make the party even more worth remembering for the attendees and of course, you.

As you can see, we pretty much cover everything there is as far as our events management services are concerned. And the best thing about it is that we do everything in an organised and micromanaged way so that nothing gets overlooked. With this approach, you can be sure that there are not going to be any sudden, unpleasant surprises.

There are many reasons to choose us, here’s a few

Why Choose Us ?
  • 1
  • Professional
    All of the services provided are carried out in a professional manner.
  • 2
  • Experts
    With many years’ experience in the industry, we have gained specialist knowledge which enables us to offer skills and expertise to our clients.
  • 3
  • Reliable
    We always prioritise the needs of our clients and operate with openness and transparency. We take pride in acting with honesty, integrity, diligence, and flexibility.
Surrey Life Style Management


"Bring You Peace of Mind in a Busy World!"

What you get

A Fully Managed Service

Founder of Surrey Lifestyle Management Rachel Collings has over 25 years experience organising many different areas of people’s lives.

Rachel began working as a nanny before owning a successful cleaning company for many years. During this time working with many HNW and high profile individuals Rachel came to appreciate the great importance of having someone with expertise to organise families and individuals daily lives.

Living in the same area for over 40 years has enabled Rachel to establish a network of trusted local trades people and suppliers who she can access 24/7.

The service providers we use over and over again enable us to build successful relationships with our clients to deliver a gold star service.

Rachel has worked for many HNW clients celebrities and sporting stars and can guarantee complete discretion. We are available by phone or email 24 hours per day and can assist you with organising all your daily living themes.​

I look forward to helping you make your daily life run smoothly.


what’s our customer say

Client Testimonial
  • Mr J de Souza

    Was unsure as haven’t used this kind of company before but the process was made very easy and I felt reassured instantly!


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